Small Team, Big Impact

Large-Scale Web Development


Cargo Media

We’re a startup with primary offices in Basel, the second largest city in Switzerland. Our highly qualified team specializes in large scale web application development. We work in a friendly, open and relaxed environment but also enjoy a challenge, and so we take on very demanding projects.

Our Stack

We’re building state of the art web applications which offer interactive and responsive user experiences to millions of customers. Our technology stack is tailored to serve advanced applications at the highest speeds. We combine powerful and proven open source technologies like Elasticsearch, Redis, Memcached or Node.js. These and various other services are built-in and readily accessible through our PHP application framework. We continuously put effort into high quality code and we automate everything we need to do more than once, be it deploying infrastructure configuration or linting and testing code.

Opensource Projects

Public Github Repos
bipbip monitoring ruby

Agent to collect server metrics (memcached, nginx, mysql etc) and send them to the CopperEgg RevealMetrics platform.

puppet-packages devops puppet

Reusable puppet modules for Debian.

socket-redis websockets node.js redis

WebSocket pub/sub server and client (with SockJS), exposing an API over Redis.

vagrant-boxes vagrant packer

Generate Vagrant boxes with packer.

github-issues git workflow

gi is a command line tool to CRUD github issues. It maps every issue to a branch issue-'issue-number'.

loggly-github loggly alerting

Create GitHub tickets for Loggly alerts.